Roaming profile not updating on logoff

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Roaming profile not updating on logoff

If the server profile can’t load a log on a “Temp” profile is loaded and a warning pop up is displayed. Folder Redirection is a client side technology that provides the ability to change the target location of predetermined folders (such as Desktop, Downloads, Documents) found within the user profile.

Admins can configure Active Directory so that it associates the roaming user profile with the user's account.Profiles will not get saved, the local profile directory gets jammed up with directories.During logout the message "Saving your settings" goes on for 60 seconds until the roaming process finally times out. During my research I found that during logout some software running on the PC can keep the user hive in the registry open and block the roaming process to create and copy the NTUSER. I found a great piece of software written by Robin Caron, called User Profile Hive Cleanup service (UPHClean) that totally eliminates my problem.Microsoft UE-V virtualizes users' operating systems and application settings from a settings store on a file server.Roaming user profiles are still a good basic option to provide the same experience across PC and virtual desktop environments, but there are also third-party user profile management tools available for companies with specific needs.That process ensures that the roaming user profile remains up to date the next time the employee logs into a virtual desktop or PC.

One of the problems with roaming profiles is that profiles can grow to be quite large.

Changes made during this process will be saved and the modifications should be for the most part transparent to the user.

Windows maintains a profile for each user who logs into the OS.

The roaming profile data is stored in \\profiles and the Redirected Folder data is stored in \edu\cse\Um Savedocs.

Because the user profile process is dependent on the application of policies that are read at log on it may take some time and possibly more than one session before the profile is fully functional.

If a user logs in from a different physical desktop or virtual desktop, his profile data won't exist on that machine.

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