Richard holbrooke and kati marton dating

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Richard holbrooke and kati marton dating

He’s a believer that when it’s your time in history, you have to lead, and that it’s our time. Holbrooke can help as a New Yorker and diplomatic agent.He also holds with the idea that it’s individuals who shape history.” That depends on a Presidential victory for Mr. The waning years of the Clinton Administration–about which Mr.

“You can divide New York into two crowds,” said a journalist who knows them, “people who like Dick, or think they have to, and people who don’t. Holbrooke has often been described as brilliant but self-aggrandizing, a bombastic careerist and unctuous climber, characterizations of Ms.

She did share the home with not one, but two former husbands.

She bought the eight-floor spread in the early 1990s with Peter Jennings, her second husband, and held onto it after their divorce.

But not to worry, with a total of four bedrooms and ample closet space, the Rosens can certainly find a place to put their desks.

When the Hamptons throw open the big white gates of posturing and hospitality to Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton this weekend, there’ll be an empty space on guest lists where Richard Holbrooke and Kati Marton would normally be found.

He earned one of his nicknames, “The Bulldozer,” for his habit of plowing through bureaucratic timidity and red tape.

“He is not subtle,” said the novelist Ward Just, an old Foreign Service hand.

The listing, held by Stribling broker Beatrice Ducrot, includes all the bells and whistles of a Central Park West listing, with Park views from the living room, library and master bedroom.

Wood panels, carved doors and wood-burning fireplaces abound.

For every mogul he has made it his geopolitical business to befriend–Henry Kravis, for instance, is now a close pal–she can match him, tycoon for tycoon.

During her two-year term, 1995-97, as chairman of the Committee to Protect Journalists, she was instrumental in bringing in enough corporate sponsorships to bankroll a small, oppressed country.

While Government colleagues have historically viewed his abrasiveness as antithetical to their cautiously bureaucratic ways, one longtime friend called the tall, hefty Mr.

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