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I’ve also visited Alabama to see Cody, Jorden and Riley. And for Halloween, I traveled to Nashville with a few people for a mini reunion. As of now, I’m dating a guy I used to date from my hometown. I party with most everyone, and I’ve also met a ton of cool fans along the way.

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I talk to a few of my castmates, and some of us hang out when we can.

God Going to church is just one of the things Southern families raise their children to do.

To have a relationship with Christ seems to define a person on a more effective level. Of course, everyone is going to have a past, but just as depicted in movies, Southerners tend to have more baggage than others. His Southern ways I have never met a man that has showed me more respect than the man that I am dating. Let the man have his Jack n’ Coke A southern man will never let you take away his Jack n’ Coke.

Simple and sweet 🙂 Josh Since the show, Margaret and I have been dating and are very happy. Nicole Currently, I’m back near Dallas, bartending and thinking about going back to school. Parigi I’m just trying to live life as much as I can by traveling and meeting as many fans as I can.

I still live in Monroe, Louisiana, but travel to and from Mississippi to see Margaret. I’ve been traveling all around the South, visiting Becky, Hali and Sarah. I recently traveled from North Carolina to Texas and visited castmates, fans and even the Party Down South cast.

Dating has been a major drama fest though — every guy is literally crazy.

I should write a blog or something to share my insane encounters.

They want to have relationships like their parents have, ones that will last forever and make memories they would be able to share with their future children. He is looking for someone to bring home to mom and dad Yes, there are times that he may not act his age, but deep down he is looking for someone to settle down with and bring home to mom and dad. Now every time that song comes on I just look at him and think how much I have fallen in love with him and where our relationship will get to in the future. Dippin’ is what they do Now I know I made a promise to never argue with his bad habits, but sometimes dipping is just gross.

But you are never going to get a southern man to change the fact that he dips.

Rocky I’m moving to New York soon to pursue my comedy career.

I’m also planning to make more videos for my You Tube channel.

I’m really just figuring out what I want to do with my life and trying to have as much fun as I can in the meantime.