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"They told me as strong you are you'd be a good boxer.

Mc Guirk, a former NWA Junior heavyweight himself, liked what he saw in Hodge and built his promotion around him. It seems only fitting that it was an auto accident and not an opponent that put him down for the count for the last time.Five of the nation's traditional and very special places where comfort foods are served.Diners find such menu favorites as steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, burgers and fries, and old fashioned baked pies.I told 'em I could have all the fights I want for nothing in Perry, Oklahoma. You never fought someone (as tough as him)." Through his epic battles with Hiro Matsuda, Savoldi and Monroe, Hodge established himself as the elite junior heavyweight in the world.So I quit boxing and I called up Leroy Mc Guirk out of Tulsa, Oklahoma to wrestle professionally in '59." Mc Guirk's NWA-affiliated office was where Hodge had his greatest fame. His Olympic and collegiate career instilled instant credibility in the title and in the sport as Hodge single-handidly carried the junior heavyweight division during his storied career.Within nine months of his pro debut, Hodge defeated Angelo Savoldi on July 22, 1960 in Oklahoma City to win his first of seven NWA World Junior Heavyweight titles. On March 15, 1976, Hodge suffered a broken neck in a car accident that nearly took his life.

From 1960 to 1976, Hodge travelled the world squaring off against the top wrestlers in all of the NWA territories. "It got cold and I turned the heater up and I fell asleep. My car was on its rooftop going along the rock banisters and every time it hit one I could feel my teeth and neck break. I got out through the dash window, although my car was bent down to the dash and the seat, you can't imagine what little space there was but I got out through there and swam to the shore." Hodge was lucky to be alive.The majority of work to install auxiliary lanes will take place behind the concrete barrier rails.Authorities said the suspect included false items on her clients' tax returns, including bogus charitable contributions, capital losses, and unreimbursed employee expenses--such as meals and transportation expenses."When (fans) wash clothes all week and washing and ironing to buy a wrestling ticket, you come to see wrestling.I can guarantee you you're going to wrestle." "Sputnik Monroe...Ineligible to compete his freshman year, Hodge went undefeated his remaining three years at Oklahoma, winning 46 matches. in the Olympics in Melbourne, Australia, winning the silver medal in the freestyle competition after losing a controversial match to Nikola Stanchev of Bulgaria in the gold medal match.