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It was in France that she met her husband, with whom she has three children (Hannah, now 21, Joseph, 19, and George, 9).

The emotions of a woman of my age are more interesting to people who make films in France. "Because you know you're going to be judged." In truth, Scott Thomas is thoroughly convincing, helped by the fact she looks in fantastic shape. "There was a lot of 'Come on now, stiff upper lip'.It was a most extraordinary experience, and I was aware of that because I was working with Anthony Minghella and Ralph Fiennes and all these extraordinary people. And I never really got to enjoy the pain." She blushes for a second. " In truth, it was not a film that changed things for her but a play.Appearing in the title role in a 2001 Parisian production of the Racine tragedy Bérénice, the experience "made me braver and loosen up towards things that are maybe going to hurt for a bit", she reflects.We've been allocated a room at the suitably regal Grand Hotel, in the city's historic Opéra district.When Scott Thomas arrives, she chatters away in flawless French to the PR before positioning herself in the middle of a plush red sofa.It all came with this other baggage." Culminating with an Oscar nod for The English Patient in 1996, it did lead Scott Thomas for a brief time to Hollywood, with roles alongside Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible), Robert Redford (The Horse Whisperer) and Harrison Ford (Random Hearts). "I couldn't ever really say I was having a great time," she says now.

"We did have a good time on Four Weddings and a Funeral. And I had a good time on Mission: Impossible, where it was all so mad and silly. But the other things that were so emotional, like The English Patient, it wasn't actually much fun.If it sounds like a set-up we've seen a thousand times before – even Scott Thomas admits she first thought of it as "a very banal story of adultery" – the outcome is anything but predictable. Forced to lock away such painful emotions – if you're looking for a reason why Scott Thomas may be cold and distant, as her director estimates, then look no further. "And I was very unsporty." At least Scott Thomas found an outlet for her feelings when, at the age of 18, she decided fully to pursue a life of acting.Leaving her family for Lopez's working-class gruff, Suzanne finds herself at the mercy of her cuckolded husband, a man seething with jealousy, bitterness and resentment. She just loses it completely and decides to get what she wants. You knew you were going to be in sex scenes and you weren't going to be wearing a sweater! The mind boggles how she ever got through The English Patient, in which her character goes down in a plane crash at one point. The film that had first incubated this desire was The Sound of Music.Kristin Scott Thomas can still remember the first review she ever read of her own work.It was in 1986, for her film debut, Under the Cherry Moon, a bizarre vanity project starring the diminutive artist formerly known (and now indeed known again) as Prince. "It said: 'Kristin Scott Thomas is a better cure for insomnia than a glass of warm milk.' " Almost a quarter of a century later, she still looks hurt by it. "Today, we're back in Paris, the city Scott Thomas has called home for the past 30 years.Depressed, disillusioned and ballooning in weight, she left for Paris – "the nearest place that was foreign" – on New Year's Day 1980 to stay with a friend.

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