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Rainie yang dating history - dating russer

His two television series Sunny Happiness and Love Keeps Going, which co-stars Taiwanese actresses, Janine Chang and Cyndi Wang respectively, scored high ratings and positive critics.

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Rainie Yang Chen Lin and fellow junior of same company, the ex-boyfriend of Elva Hsiao Ya Xuan, Sunny Wang Yang Ming, were spotted to be taking the same flight to the United States on November 21st, 2011. Sunny’s close friend admitted on November 24th, 2011 that the two persons fell in love early October.He was already given the leading role alongside Ariel Lin despite being his first acting appearance. Hi Mike He, Wow I can't believe how fast time flies, you're all grown up.I've been watching you act for several years.. I'm sure all your Fans LOVE you in Everything you do You have an Extremely Handsome (Sexy) LOOK ..a Sweet Smile and a KILLER "STYLE" ;) .. May '2015' be a Beautiful & Very Successful year for you.. Hi mike i really love to see u amd rainie yang doing a movie u two are both look great!!! I'm so excited about your relationship with Rainie. Im an artist (painter) and I'm looking forward on seeing him and visit Taiwan indeed, maybe next year. Modeling was something he still stayed active in and posed for advertisements as well as TV commercials. I don't think there was anything that 'I' didn't enjoy... I can see why the Press & Public have a hard time BELIEVING that you and Rainie Yang are ONLY Friends.. You both seem so comfortabl and natural with each other~. I'm just now catching up with you and your career.. Hope all is going well for you, both, in your Personal Life & your Professional Life.. More movies love you both i will support both of you all the way i miss ur love team too much hope to see u soon doing movies please inhope soon thanks godbless gosh ! And to you Mike He thanks for being one my inspiration :] im a big fan of yours and rainie yang...... but i know there are lots of obstacles i have to go through before i see you 2.... He later starred in another series with her as a lead in Love Contract. In October 2006, he signed up for another TV series, Why Why Love, also with Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. In 2008, He appeared in the Chinese television series Infernal Lover (无间有爱).In 2005, he starred in two TV series, Express Boy with Hsu Wei-lun, and Devil Beside You, opposite Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. He also acted in the Taiwanese TV series Bull Fighting, alongside the Taiwanese singer and S. In 2009, He co-starred in a Taiwanese TV series Calling For Love with Charlene Choi.One of his most famous ads of all time is for an underwear company, which received mass reviews and praises from media and fans. the first time i saw them in devil beside me was when I'm in grade 6 and now i'm a graduating student of highs cool! drama ever i really love the both of them(mike n' rainie) will they make another drama ?

He reunited with Ariel Lin again in 2004 TV drama Love Contract and had a short but catchy appearance in Say Yes Enterprise. Rainie Yang used to propose to make public the love relationship, but Sunny Wang whose fame is not as well known as her worried that outsiders criticize him as trying to gain fame by relying on girlfriend, and hence rejected her proposal.This time, both of them was visiting New York to attend friend’s wedding, and it’s learned that they will go to New Jersey to pay a visit to his parents along the way, and the trip had been ridiculed by friends as a wedding ceremony on probation.Mike He Jun Xiang started his career in appearing in a minor role in an idol series in Taiwan. He attracted a lot of audience and went popular after hosting the entertainment news on tv. It was directed by Lin He Long who has already worked with He in Devil Beside You, Why Why Love and Infernal Lover.

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