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Remember also that a divorce decree does not release you from responsibility for joint accounts. Even if the debt you owe is a small amount, it is crucial that you make payments on time.

Credit scores are fluid numbers that change as the elements in your credit report change.As you can see, one seemingly simple change actually affects a large number of items on the credit report.Therefore, it is impossible to provide a completely accurate assessment of how one specific action will affect a person's credit score. They identify what elements from your credit history are having the greatest impact so that you can take appropriate action.A credit score is a number lenders use to help them decide: "If I give this person a loan or credit card, how likely is it I will get paid back on time?" Credit scores are also called risk scores because they help lenders predict the risk that you will not be able to repay the debt as agreed.Scores are generated by statistical models using elements from your credit report, and sometimes from other sources, such as your credit application.

However, scores are not stored as part of your credit history.

Lenders must provide consumers with the most significant score factors when they are declined credit.

Check your Credit Whenever you apply for a new credit card, loan or extension of credit, the potential lender will most likely review your credit report before making a decision. Check it several weeks or even months prior to making a large credit purchase.

Long before credit scores, human judgment was the sole factor in deciding who received credit.

Lenders used their past experience at observing consumer credit behavior as the basis for judging new consumers.

These new elements will continue to affect your scores until they reach a certain age.

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