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The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas provides a prime example of this phenomenon.Though none of the new technologies debuted at CES are specifically intended for sexual purposes, with a little bit of creativity quite a few of them can and will be adapted for use by the ever-resourceful sexnology industry.

Nothing New Under the Sun It's possible that sexnology is new to you, but that doesn't mean it's new to everyone.

Gifts From Geeks As usual, televisions and monitors dominated this year's CES, with significant advances in 3D technology and ultra-high-definition video (offering four times the clarity of traditional HD).

We also saw the advent of curved and/or flexible screens, along with Microsoft's "Illumi Room," designed to evoke a "more immersive" experience for gamers by extending visuals beyond the boundaries of the existing screen and into the surrounding area.

Other devices can be used to pleasure a woman in similar fashion.

There are also a wide variety of virtual sex games accessible from any computer, smartphone, or pad.

Today's wedding announcement: sex and technology have merged.

And folks, I'm not seeing a divorce on the horizon.

(In other words, if it's snowing in your video game, it will be "snowing" in your living room, too.) Sony showed off a similar technology with "Move" in 2011.

Both companies expect to unveil their next-generation consoles before the end of 2013, so these Holodeck-like experiences are likely to be available to the general public sooner rather than later.

The simple fact is that ever since the Internet arrived, our sexual and romantic lives have become more and more digitized, with "sexnology" offering opportunities for connection, dissociation, and everything in between.

And the sexnological universe, much like the "real world" universe, is constantly expanding.

Brainwave technology could further be used to "teach" computers what sort of pornographic imagery turns you on the most.

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