Psp shuts off when updating

24-Dec-2019 16:00 by 5 Comments

Psp shuts off when updating

I wont be buying products from this company, I wouldn't trust it any more.The issues that you guys brought up are completely different than the one that this article is referencing.

My kids are still happily using 5s’s Android devices, you may as well discard after 2 or 3 years. So you buy a brand new i Phone7 produced 3 months ago and it slows down when you update the software to the newest version, made to favour the i Phone 8 and X, and that's not a problem to you? if any headline can diffuse the s&^%storm apple has brought upon itself ...

Most people just read the headlines and confirm in their minds that Apple malevolently slowed down your phone with an update, it’s a flashy headline that few will question and look further into, because of course Apple would do that, they think.

I’m just pointing out, that from my perspective, this story just seems to be way too overblown for what seemed to be a fairly benign and logical update.

I'll stick to Samsung, and spare me the cop out "they all do it". Who wouldn't want their phone to slow down (due to low battery status) in order to prevent damaging it?

If it wasn't for Bill Gates rescuing them with a 0 million loan back in 1997, they wouldn't have made it. Apple customers still will buy a nicely designed product and the associated social status and accept the shortcomings Apple forces onto them: no user-replacable battery, locked into the Apple-eco system, no support for SD cards to expand memory, BT not usable to exchange pics with friends, proprietary power connectors, mandatory use of itunes to get music onto the phone, removal of standard connectivity from new Mac Book Pro. What I find sad is that there are so many defending the actions and decisions from Apple as the Holy Grail when seen from the outside those are simply plain negative for the consumer. I sometimes think the US legal system way overblown, but apparently you need it to counterweigh the behavior of such ultra-wealthy companies. Apple phones have always outperformed Android devices. Having said this, being a tech guy, I’m always reading about Android lag and how the Samsung and like devices get buggy and take a performance hit greater than Apple devices over the same period of time. The problem goes back to older phones with failing batteries or to consumers not charging their phone properly.

Apple's i Phone slowdown controversy has reached what seems like its final stage last night, when Tim Cook announced in an exclusive interview with ABC News that the company would give users the option to keep their older i Phones running at full speed, even once the battery had become, in Cook's words, 'unhealthy.' The controversy began a few weeks ago when several i Phone users online shared benchmarks that showed older phones—i Phone 6 and 6s models—were being slowed down to less than half their original CPU performance.

This led to wild speculation about so-called 'planned obsolescence': the idea that Apple was slowing down phones to encourage users to upgrade to newer models.They were just encouraging a performance dip to sell new phones.At least, that's my opinion I would submit that a underclocking of a hundred or so megahertz is more desirable than the phone completely shutting down, and as an engineer this seems like an intuitive feature to implement into your os.Which ever app I start I need to wait, and wait, until finally I'm able to carry on. They made perfectly fine working tablet became an unusable junk.When I use its keyboard, well then again, it has became very slow with regular random key freezes. Ages ago I had exactly the same problem with iphone 4.The point was that most people did not notice any marked reduction in performance this feature was implemented.