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The PSP line was succeeded by the Play Station Vita, released in December 2011 in Japan, and in February 2012 worldwide.The Play Station Vita features backward compatibility with many Play Station Portable games digitally released on the Play Station Network, via Play Station Store.

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The Play Station Portable became the most powerful portable system when launched, just after the Nintendo DS in 2004.Another remodeling followed in 2008, PSP-3000, which included a new screen and an inbuilt microphone.A complete redesign, PSP Go, came in 2009, followed by a budget model, PSP-E1000, in 2011.While other PSP models have included the ability to run games and demos downloaded from the Play Station Store, the PSP Go is the first for which this is the only means of distribution.The PSP Go has the demo version of Patapon 2 loaded onto the system and it also comes with an ESRB ratings guide, both preloaded into the internal memory in the games section.The PSP Go features 802.11b Wi-Fi like its predecessors, but no longer uses a standard USB A-to-Mini-B cable common with many devices.

A new proprietary multi-use connector is used for USB connectivity. The new multi-use connector allows for charging and USB similar to previous units, as well as video and sound output with the same connector (using an optional composite or component AV cable), unlike previous offerings which had TV OUT and USB functionality on separate ports.The removal of the UMD drive effectively region locks the unit due to the way in which a PSP must be linked to a single Play Station Network account.Since each account is locked to a single region, this prevents the user from ever playing games from more than one region at a time (since games from accounts other than the currently linked account cannot be started).The system also enjoyed great success in other areas of the PAL region with more than 25,000 units preordered in Australia The PSP is widely known by the series code (PSP-1000, PSP-2000, etc.).There are sub-codes within this numbering system however which designate the region coding.Sony also offers an optional cradle for charging and USB data transfer on the PSP Go, similar to previous offerings.

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