Pros cons dating much younger man

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Pros cons dating much younger man - who is monica cruz dating

The changes in circumstances -- shifting roles, reduction of income -- have wreaked havoc on their relationships.I feel as though my husband and I have yet to completely work out the roadmap of our lives, even after 23 years of marriage.

And if you've ever dated one, you know that there are many perks, but also lots of drawbacks, the most well-known of which is being a so-called He has less baggage than an older guy who has been with more women, and has done more things.

That sense of impending doom that used to engulf me on the chairlift? My husband, on the other hand, still has the fearlessness of a 20-something and truly enjoys taking the kids skiing, diving and even surfing. That sense of I-can-accomplish-anything-I-set-my-mind-to mindset everyone enjoys in their 20s? Henry Ford was onto something when he said that those "who stop learning are old, whether at twenty or eighty." My husband wants to learn new things, whether it's how to cook leeks or use his new Go Pro. As my husband has transitioned into a new business, I've probably contributed more to household expenses than he has in recent years.

Meanwhile, he's done the lion's share of household chores.

" And you're like, how do you not realize my stomach is a shitty used car that'll break as soon as you drive it out of the lot?? He can drink until he passes out and barely feel it the next day, because #youth.

He wakes up fresh and glowy and you look like this.9.

He uses words like "dope." Actually, this is sort of cute.10. Every time you're walking, he grabs your hand and sprints to cross at the street the next light before it turns red.

Dragging you behind him like you are a horse on its way to the glue factory.12. Theory: People start enjoying morning sex only when they get to the age where the morning is the only time they're not stressed out or exhausted, therefore the ~*~*s Ex Ie St~*~*. Which then leads to him poking his boner into your back at moments when you are least interested.

Living in a society that greatly prefers the toned 'yoga body' of a 21-year-old over the turkey neck of someone 30 years older, I admit I tossed out the AARP card I received last year with the ferocity of a wolverine so that my husband wouldn't see it.

I know there are many with strong opinions on the issue of age.

And while I enjoyed these activities, my passion hardly matched my husband's.

Now that I'm middle age, it's not anything as dire as a bad hip that's put me off skiing and diving.

Sorry, I want to smash my face directly into my fresh rosemary pasta without discussing the recurring motifs of Francis Ford Coppola films. He can eat whatever and expects you to also be able to eat whatever.

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