Pros and cons of dating younger men

21-Feb-2020 00:52 by 7 Comments

Pros and cons of dating younger men - Sex arab chat tube

After all, you’re the only one who knows what can truly make you happy and not them.These are just some of the pros and cons to consider when dating younger women and the situations commonly affecting couples with significant age differences.

They almost appear to restore life to those desolate places that have gone lacking from dating men who made them feel unattractive or less valuable.I say go with the flow and do what makes you happy even if that happiness tends to be five years younger than you.Hey handsome, do those abs come with a side of your phone number?The cons of dating younger men is that they seem to have a care free mindset.In other words, they don’t take a lot of things seriously.Things don’t bother them as much as it bothers you when you have way more responsibilities.

Pros are that dating a younger guy can be fun and very exciting because they have so much energy, which can honestly be very good for a woman’s libido.In their defense, I hardly grew up dating or crushing on men close to my age group.I always seem to date guys between 10 to 20 years older than me, and from my relationships comes some of the best memories and experiences.I know that men have been on the entire dating ‘older women’ tip for years but for women, it’s a bit of a different approach to date a younger guy.Of course, we are looked upon as being “cougars” if we attempt to date a guy who is five to seven years younger than us.Be real, men do it all the time so why should women limit themselves in the dating pool?