Problems updating d d character builder

14-Feb-2020 17:51 by 10 Comments

Problems updating d d character builder

Places cost £140 VAT per person, which includes lunch and training materials. This is a security feature; you should consider carefully the risk of an unauthorised user accessing a computer before increasing this.It can be changed in system admin work filters as a template, a bit like report templates.

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If you need to document the data you're collecting in Lamplight (which you probably will for GDPR compliance) you can download the key settings in Lamplight into a spreadsheet - again in system admin File transfer.

We have also added the ability to restrict a profile from processing, which is a requirement under the GDPR (which comes into force in May).

We've also added a new page to our main website about GDPR which we will update over the next weeks to support you in your GDPR compliance.

There are a load more tags you can use on diary page templates.

For example, you can now see the subworkarea, location, and case name (amongst others) on each item in your diary.

You won't see any changes initially - the initial translation for activity is the same as for work - but you can go to system admin to change this.

Staff attending a work record can appear on home page diary items.There are some benefits: primarily that your email is much more likely to be received in inboxes, as it's now coming from your email server, not ours (the mismatch between the 'from' address and the actual server sending the email means it's more likely to be spam filtered).It's now possible to translate more of Lamplight to use your own terminology. You make the changes in the same place (in system admin) but can do more...Our latest customer newsletter is out - read it online here.We're also collecting customer feedback - please tell us what you think about Lamplight using our customer survey to help us serve you better.Other highlights in the newsletter: A couple of changes have been made, one which may affect report templates.