Problem validating email blackberry

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If you turn off the prompt, a red star still appears beside the Wi-Fi indicator at the top of the Home screen when you are within range.

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You can also change the profile so that you are prompted to connect manually.Amidst all that and recent stories about the new ‘Mercury’ device and BB10’s lack of future hardware, Alex Thurber, senior vice president for global device sales at Black Berry, spoke about the future of BB10.Perhaps it’s no surprise that Thurber affirmed Black Berry is “continuing to invest in BB10.” Most recently, the company released version 10.3.3 in December after a long wait, and it appears version 10.3.4 may be in the works, though nothing has been confirmed.“BB10 has a strong following around the world in enterprise and government, as well as consumers in particular markets,” says Thurber.When your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi profile name appears at the top of the Home screen.When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, you can save the connection information in a Wi-Fi profile so that your Black Berry device connects to the Wi-Fi network automatically next time.The recent partnership with TCL is a licensing agreement where it will manufacture Black Berry-branded devices, with a key tenet of the deal being that it only covers Android-based products. If not TCL, then who would make phones running BB10?

Thurber wouldn’t comment on road maps or hypotheticals, so it’s not clear what recourse Black Berry would have.

Thurber reiterated Black Berry’s disappointment in Whats App’s initial decision, noting executives were pleased with the extension.

Still, the app support exodus is a key element to the BB10 story the company can’t control.“It’s out of our hands, but we are continuing to support the OS and Hub, as we have so many users who really rely on it as a true messaging device,” he says.

“Part of this, of course, reaches back four or five years to strategic decisions that were made, and that’s partly why we added Android to our portfolio, and why we were excited to bring out Priv, and the DTEK devices as true Black Berry security with full access to the Google Play Store.”In going with Android-based devices, the obvious implication was that BB10 would either be repositioned as a business and enterprise platform, or be killed off in due time.

Since the latter is being publicly rebuked, including in this report, does the former bear fruit?

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