Proactive threat protection definitions not updating sep 12

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Proactive threat protection definitions not updating sep 12 - Sex camp online full

remove the Network Threat Protection as i have done the same in my network the reason is that it will check all the incoming packets even with a network from certain applications so will slow down the machines as well...i will remove network threat protection but what about proactive threat protection, shall i keep it.

If no update is available, please uninstall the Add-in How can i disable this addin After applying these policies, i notice that my network is much faster and computers are running great.

i am running 11.0.2, well about policies, i have applied them properly , do i have to install only antivirus and antispyware feature? 11.0.2 is a very old version and many improvements to the client overhead have been made in the later versions.

because i am installing all three features on every workstation. I would upgrade to 11.0.5 (visit, download the latest version and get upgraded - then see if your clients are as slow.

symantec is a well known corporation,,, actually its not slow software i am using it for about 500 clients and no one complains,,, the reason is that i have created better policies, for update, for scanning etc... i don't support other guys talking about symantec which is incorrect...sorry,,,,,, Rtvscan is the real-time scanner and will always run.

You can change settings to not scan all files which should cut down the work it has to do and thus the speed, but Symantec software is often berated for slowing down computers. The latest is 11.0.5 (unless there is a newer release I have missed). Network Threat Protection I am really fed up of this symantec, it gives me really hard time , if anyone can advise about best policies to implement so i can test.

SEP Client Firewall Rules Policies Network Threat Protection NTP for finding.

The definitions still i proactive protection sep 1 your Sep 4, 2013.I have installed symantec endpoint protection on windows server 2003, and i deployed antivirus on almost 25 computers connected to domain.I feel the pc's in the network become slow after installing symantec endpoint protection and i also notice that its scanning randomly anytime and updating virus definitions during working hours which is causing the speed of the computers very slow.Regards, Pradeep Jhala yes, i appreciate your help and hopefully i will get more help from you in future. Do i have to run live update for users daily or weekly? Many Thanks Hi, Please follow this document to optimize performance for SEP client. Again as this version is too old, I will recommend upgrading it to the latest version SEP 11.0 RU6. well, i have to switch from symantec to any other software, but i have to suffer till the end of this year as my license is still valid.

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