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Data was collected from Twitter and Tumblr from a 24-h period on June 12, 2014 providing a comparative analysis of ‘one day in the life’ of ED-related posts on the two platforms.The date was selected randomly from all dates within a 3 month period in 2014 (May to July).

The research was reviewed and approved by the Durham University Institutional Review Board.However, to ensure that the selected day was representative of a normal or typical day, dates within 2 days of a recognized holiday were not included in the selection particularly as religious holidays might impact upon eating behavior.Due to public API’s imposing limitations on the data that they can provide (Morstatter et al., 2013; González-Bailón et al., 2014), the Firehose was used to access the Twitter and Tumblr data.The Firehose provides full, unlimited access to the complete database of publicly available data on the platforms.Access to the Firehose was obtained using Topsy (Twitter data) and Discover Text (GNIP Firehose for Tumblr data).Another concern is the potential for pro-communities to glorify or romanticize ED, for example by portraying the behaviors as ‘tragically beautiful’ (Bine, 2013).

Concerns are heightened further due to the interactivity of social media, (Borzekowski et al., 2010) and its heavy use by young users – the age group most affected by ED (Arcelus et al., 2011).Using the list of terms gathered using this technique, the researcher DB manually searched for each of these terms on both the Twitter and Tumblr platforms and noted any other ED-specific terms which had not been captured. In order to narrow this down to the most relevant search terms, each of the terms were entered into Topsy which provided an estimate of the daily number of tweets.Any terms showing a frequency of less than 100 tweets per fortnight were excluded from the list of terms used for data collection shown in Table 1.The website used to identify the 10 most commonly used hashtags (#) relating to each of the following ED terms: anorexia, ED, proana, pro-ana, pro-ed, and proed.Although is a Twitter specific search engine, it can still be useful when trying to identify search terms in general – at least in the initial planning stages.The current study addresses this limitation by analyzing the full range of ED-related content shared by social media users.