Pregnancy dating scan cost

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The sonographer will ask you to lie on your back and she or he will put some lubricating gel on your abdomen.

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For example, if your baby is lying in an awkward position, it may be difficult or impossible to tell whether your baby is male or female.

Dating scan £48.00 Suitable between 6-13 weeks Available for women above the age of 16 2D scan Complete with two black and white thermal prints £30 deposit payable upon booking of your appointment.

Private ultrasound early dating scan that provides an accurate method to date your pregnancy and due date.

Dating scans will also determine multiple pregnancies and check general wellbeing.

Even though the scan will check babies heartbeat and development please note this is not a viability scan.

2D Reassurance Scan £53.00 From 14 to 34 weeks Available for women above the age of 16 Includes 2 prints and a report This scan is used to reassure worried parents by detecting baby’s heartbeat and includes a well being check. We are not able to 100% guarantee the gender of your baby.

3D Gender scan £61.00 From 16 weeks onwards Available to women above the age of 16 Complete with two black and white thermal prints £30 deposit required upon booking your appointment Non diagnostic scan to determine the gender of your baby.Ultrasound scans are performed by our team of accredited ultrasonographers.In addition, our dedicated fetal medicine experts Mr Keith Duncan, Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston and Miss Mina Savvidou perform detailed scans in complex cases and undertake invasive procedures including Amniocentesis and Chorion Villus Sampling.The sound is reflected back and creates a picture, which is shown on a TV screen.The scans are completely painless and have no known side effects on mothers or babies.All women are offered an early dating scan at 11–13 weeks and the option of Down's Syndrome screening by measurement of nuchal translucency.