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Let's say that you want to brainstorm for a business idea. When you are aroused, use your will-power to turn your mind to your business, and turn that arousal and state of lust over to the problem or challenge. And imagination is the primary tool of genius, as it is the gateway to intuition and infinite wisdom.

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You require the stimulation of the most powerful human emotion: sex.

If you have any kind of long-term illness, particularly anything affecting the spine, the kidneys, or sex organs, then you need to do whatever you can to beat that illness with the help of your medical practitioners. If you are anything like me, you are constantly trying to figure out how to get more sex with your partner! She'll be wearing sweat pants then - easy to pull down he-he-he! If they meet your mark, all the internal bells go off, the adrenaline and endorphins start to pump inside you and your pheromones go into overdrive! probably not to the person you are hounding after, but if you try to express it by writing down your thoughts, you'll probably find yourself writing at a higher level than normal. It is said that during these long protest fasts, Gandhi would sleep (while remaining celibate) with two virgin girls either side of him.

Personally, I'd also recommend you start working on mental causes and work with the ideas presented by Louise Hay in her book "You Can Heal Your Life". Do you relish the warm touch of bare skin or the coolness of satin? I know that's a toughie for a lot of people, but if you don't do it you'll never discover your Paradise Portal! Your body is an instrument that can create and experience pure unadulterated Bliss! Feel it, touch it, play with it, pleasure it, and savour the sensations that your body gives you as you kiss, as you stroke, as you masturbate or as you fuck! When you feel love for them, how do you express it? It takes being a genius to figure out how to fit it in what with work, her schedule, my schedule, the toddlers schedule, eating, sleeping, exercising, doing the laundry, housework! The kid'll be watching TV downstairs, I'll have approximately 18 minutes to initiate something before I need to go give him his 2nd stage of breakfast before nursery school. When you are directly vying for the attention of someone you fancy, you'll strive to impress him or her. Apparently this helped to boost his energy levels and gave him the mental fortitude to persist.

Now according to the historical reports left to us by these Knights and fair Ladies, and sung about by wandering minstrels and troubadours, courtly love was highly popular.

These relationships ignited their imaginations and lifted their psyches to new levels of emotional intensity and feeling, much more than ordinary sexual pairings did.

So learn to tease your desire and hold it at fever pitch, because arousal will benefit you mentally and spiritually.

You can do it with anything you want - it doesn't have to be sex, though sex is the most effective.

Take yourself somewhere private and comfortable, settle down, relax. You can fantasise about your lover, about getting naked and making love. Make love to the problem and seek out the climax - the answers you are seeking. Focus your mind on all the known factors of your particular project (all the information you have gathered, all the actions that you have taken so far). "The Taoist Sages and Martial Art teachers advise that we refrain from "wasteful" ejaculation and instead internalise orgasmic energy, directing it upwards so that it can nourish the brain and enliven various energy points and chakras.

You might also physically stimulate yourself through masturbation (hence the need for privacy! Yes, I know this is bizarre and weird but it works! Then allow a perfect mental picture to arise of all the unknown factors (what remains unfinished). At the simplest level, redirecting the sexual energy involves tensing the anal sphincter muscles and the muscles that control the flow of urine, to stop ejaculation, and imagining the sexual energy flowing up into the brain.

Under the rules of courtly love they can let their passion flow unbridled as long as they don't engage in physical intercourse. So while Sir Loves Tolancealot and the Lady Prettipuss might engage in sleeping together nude, nude caresses and embraces, they can't and won't copulate!

But you can be sure there were hours and hours of mutual ravishing with the eyes, punctuated by doting, frustrated sighs!

Then I'd suggest you start to explore natural health and particularly the area of raw food diet. Do you allow yourself to experience pleasure in your environment, in the beauty and wonder of Nature? Can you get sassy with Barry White, groove to L'il Kim, soar with Mozart, and just delight in the abundance of pleasure and good feelings that music brings you? And if you have a problem with the F-word - practice saying, "I Love To Fuck" 100 times a day until you can say it and take a dirty ribald pleasure in saying it! To paraphrase Paul Mc Cartney you "need somebody to love"! Feel inside and be guided as to how you want to show them that you love them, that you want them! You'll be funnier, more daring, and more original than normal. Hmm, I wonder if my wife would let me do that next time I'm doing a fast?

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