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The trio are emotionally connected, but only Yuen has physical intimacy with both men.Now, both partners join Yuen for family dinners and celebrations. “We’ve always talked about the three of us being poly-fi, which is polyfidelitous,” Yuen explains.

Surprisingly, they were both open to being in a polyamorous relationship.

Yuen makes the distinction that polyamory is consensual non-monogamy, whereas polygamy, which is common in some faiths like Mormonism, is based on religious beliefs and patriarchy.

The 36-year-old journalist and author of the forthcoming Polyamorous: Living And Loving More (Dundurn, November 2018) says when she started doing research for her book, she found at least 100 Facebook support groups and online polyamorous communities.

On Sunday nights, Jenny Yuen and her husband, Charlie, walk up the street to Adam’s house.

The three of them cook dinner and then settle onto the sofa to watch a movie.

“It was a workable alternative solution because everyone gets something, but everyone doesn’t get it all – except for me. For Charlie, who eventually moved to Toronto, he would have a partner to share a life with and one day raise a child with, and for Adam, he’d have a companion to take care of him in retirement.

Yuen told her parents, who told the extended family, and she came out to friends in a Facebook post in 2015.

The two went on several dates and hit it off, but Charlie had to return home.

Adam, who is 30 years older than Yuen, was a former colleague.

Which is why the pastor leading "Love and Marriage in Bible Times" is talking really loudly, to combat the noises coming from the tantric sex workshop next door.

Which is why another workshop deals with navigating a "threesome, foursome, or moresome.'' Which is why a lot of monos think the whole thing is just an excuse to get some.

The difference is that Yuen is in love with both Charlie and Adam (whose names have been changed for privacy), and all three of them are in a committed relationship.