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Rooms were fine, tidy and clean....people complain then they were in them too much. I found a jelly cup, a cold rice/fruit cup and was able to buy ice cream scoops.

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Service was great and cabin was clean and comfortable. Food in the Pantry was very good, but disappointed with the Waterfront restaurant and especially, Shell n Bones. A well packaged fleecing operation, great for oldies who want to switch off or clubbing party-goers with deep pockets.

There was not enough out side seating for the amount of people and the seating was dirty yet they were cleaning and sanitizing the railings constantly.

There were people in your face all the time we found there were too many people for the amount of room and seating.

My take - it is not desirable to have any free family activities where cruisers cannot be fleeced.

Alcohol drinks with beer at and cocktails at in tax free international waters?

A week in Bali is better value for money and more enjoyable! Didn't spend much time in room but would highly recommend balcony room as it was really nice to go outside and sit, get fresh air and enjoy the world go past. So many activities for all ages so there is always something to do (or nothing). You also get a full list of events and activities the night before. There were 2 adult only spas and either 1 or 2 other spas but they were very small too.

First time Cruiser so did a smaller 4 day cruise to Airlie Beach on the Pacific Dawn. The pantry buffet was great place to eat and also renovated. First night was great food and friendly staff but 2nd dinner and a breakfast food was disappointing. Overall was a really good cruise and would return on the dawn but would like to try other cruises too.The "adults only" sections were very small and were always fully packed with no available seating.The movies on the big screen and in the cabin were kids movies.The lovely Coffee and Cake Shop did not have anything for me to eat, and neither did The Pantry, which is the equivalent of a food court in a shopping centre.We could not find a quiet place to relax and get away from the kids, the noise and loud music that was endlessly coming through the speaker system.that was the only meal that I discarded) Waterfront breakfast excellent, evening meal for me was great, but the meal that my three companions all ordered was returned and replaced. This cruise is perfect if you have a young family, if you are a drinker or a partygoer. The Waterfront Restaurant is very good, looked after me very well with my gluten free requirements.

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