Pkg upgrade updating repository catalogue error

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I was very enthusiastic about pkg (then called pkgng), and I'm very much dissapointed that several YEARS of its existence and bug reports (yes, I've submitted them to the right mailing list), have had no effect and it is now as broken as it was in the beginning in a critical area: it doesn't handle inter-package dependencies in a robust manner.Currently, the only significant way package dependancies are honoured at all is when a package is first installed.

Gradually, I've been using it less and less and now I feel I must describe why, in a hopefully productive and positive fashion. An operating system is useless without its applications, and the currently blessed binary package management system, the is seriously broken.The files ending in the ".sample" extension are ignored; pkg(8) only reads files that end in ".conf" and it will read as many as it finds.The default is to use the California-based Avalon, which is also the master.For pkg(8) version 1.5.1 or later, the "prime-list" alias is predefined in the pre-installed pkg.conf, so you can run the following command: The file ~/contains the list of packages that were manually installed.For example, if an Administrator only requested on package to be installed, Libreoffice, pkg(8) might pull in 200 dependencies, but ~/would only contain the name of a single package.The pkg(8) tool called "pkg" is a modern and fast binary package manager.

It was developed for Free BSD, but PC-BSD used it in production first, followed soon after by Dragon Fly.There may be defunct repositories listed and there may be active mirrors that are not listed as options.You may edit or add new repo configuration files as necessary. The normal use case is that someone builds specific packages (e.g.DPorts is Dragon Fly's own third-party software build system. Differences between ports and DPorts are intentionally kept to a minimum, both to maintain familiarity for mutual users of both operating systems and also to leverage the tremendous amount of work the Free BSD contributors put into ports.DPorts can and does feature ports unique to Dragon Fly, so it's truly a native system.PHP default changes from version 5.4 to 5.6, or Postgre SQL default changes from 9.0 to 9.2).