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A dowser divined for me that I had previous lives as a shaman in Mongolia, and also as a Sioux. India and Tantra Through my work, I had the opportunity to visit India many times, meeting and mixing with Jains, Hindus, Saddhus and others who all fed my spirit.

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At that time, I was living in Bath and came across the Theosophical Society, which even as a child whetted my appetite to explore all things spiritual.

By then I knew Garuda to be a Buddhist Deity, known to have healing powers.

Healing Fire I now know that it is often the way that shamanic work begins with a calling (in my case by Garuda) and a life-changing illness.

My fever was accompanied by many visions of Garuda and produced in me a faith that Garuda could help me, and that I could also work to help others.

It was then the 1990’s and although considered weird, the UK was tolerant of Paganism and Buddhism, even beginning to accept that they may be valid paths.

My friends called me a ‘mystic’ – or was that ‘mistake’?

This was balanced by an overwhelmingly powerful attraction – to the elements, and what Dylan Thomas called ‘The Force’, that life energy which pours itself from each tree, each flower, into your very soul – and beams its way out in rainbow light.

At the time I remember that I was also exploring horror stories, sport and the strange mysterious beings known as girls.

I went from school to be a student in Swansea, at that time a wonderful place full of stories and characters who had known Dylan Thomas, and abounding with poetic and bardic energy.

To this day, I am energised by visiting such sites, and live close to one small and relatively unknown ancient stone circle, which I find myself drawn to again and again.

I found an inspiring friend close by, who still amazes me with her art and writing on Pagan spirituality, wildlife and conservation, and who opened my eyes to my life walking with spirits.

It has taken a long time for me to finally put down in words the path I follow, and as the title suggests I have fallen off it many times before even knowing where it was leading me.

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