Personal webcam

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You can have it upload screen shots to an FTP site or as an e-mail.

Software can offer a definite piece of mind over browser-based solutions.Hackers use malware or RAT-remote administration tool to take control of a computer and its webcam.RATs are installed when a user opens an infected email, clicks a compromised link or installs a program infected with a Trojan.It does motion capturing, e-mails, and offers mobile access.It's not included in this roundup since it costs money to use.At home this is more useful if you point it toward something like a door or entry way, which can keep it from picking up one of your pets moving around.

The app does an exceptional job at letting you pick various ways you want to be notified.

With the rise of the Internet of Things and increased internet connectivity, having your webcam hacked and any other camera-equipped device connected to the internet means your personal information is more vulnerable than ever.

The dangers go beyond privacy breach –webcam hacking can carry out serious implications including using it for surveillance to learn your daily habits, making your home more susceptible to robbery.

You can view either live video or snapshots that can be taken at intervals or on-demand.

Home Camera's secret sauce is being able to e-mail you when you're not there.

However, you can make it more difficult to get your webcam hacked and better protect your privacy when you stay alert and take precautionary measures to minimize the risks.