Percent of responses from women online dating

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As such, all psychological studies point to the fact that women value economic resources, financial prospects and high social status as primary traits that they see in a guy.In a 1990 article in the Journal of Personality, Kenrick, Sdalla and Groth did an extensive study on the minimum acceptable earning capacity American college women desire in a guy.

Based on the findings of evolutionary psychology, women engage in long term mating strategies which would maximise their chances of producing children.Granted, there are many flaws with this rough estimate, for one thing, higher income households may see the financial contribution of the husband being reduced to 50-60%.The other factor is that while financial resources and earning capacity are the most commonly sought after traits, women also want men to be kind, athletic, have symmetric facial features and have an affinity for children.This lady friend I know is a Ph.d Candidate in the NUS electrical engineering department.I love to tease her (in a way an older brother would.) about dating all the men in her life.The original intention was to compare gender differences in the emphasis on income and economic power.

The results were as follows: American college women will date a man if he earns above the 45% percentile in a population.

”, she would say, or “ Listen to way he talk I know he cannot make it!

” Initially, during the bad old days when I had to hunt for a mate as a lowly paid IT engineer, I would think that Singaporean women are at fault because of high expectations.

Case in point, there is very little you can do about your asymmetrical features unless you wish to go under the knife.

You can work out to improve your appearance and health but there are many IPPT gold medals out there in this country.

Perhaps it is easier to benchmark a Singaporean man’s income against a Vietnamese or Chinese scale with our high GDP per capita figures.