Pennsylvania laws on dating minors

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A minor may consent to medical care or counseling related to diagnosis or treatment of drug and/or alcohol abuse.Federal law states that if the treatment program or health services facility receives any federal assistance, which most facilities do, the clinician may not disclose information concerning the treatment or care of the minor without the minor’s prior written consent.

Although not specified in the law, medical and health services to treat pregnancy include all prenatal care.

All minors have the ability to consent confidentially to certain medical services under Pennsylvania and U. When young people are assured that providers will maintain their confidentiality, they are more likely to seek care.

Generally the right to consent entitles the patient to confidentiality.

When an attempt to secure consent would result in a delay in treatment and would increase the risk to the minor patient’s life or health, the minor may receive health services without the prior consent of a parent or legal guardian.

This includes medical treatment and forensic examination following sexual assault (see “Emergency Care Following Sexual Assault”).

EC is a form of contraception and should not be confused with the “abortion pill” (RU-486).

EC can be used up to 120 hours following intercourse or sexual assault to prevent pregnancy but should be taken as soon as possible to maximize efficacy.

Minors ages 14 and older may consent to outpatient mental health examination and treatment without parental consent or notice (see “Exceptions to Confidentiality”).

A parent or legal guardian may also consent to outpatient mental health examination and treatment on behalf of a minor without the minor’s consent.

For further information, call the CHOICE hotline at 1-800-84-TEENS or the Women’s Law Project at 215-928-9801.

A minor may consent to confidential medical and health services to test for or treat STDs (including HIV).

Once the parent or legal guardian gives consent to inpatient care, the minor cannot override that consent and remove him- or herself from care.

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