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He garnered lot of praise for his portrayal of Adam Braverman in the critically acclaimed award winning show.After the premiere of the series finale on January, 2015, Krause was looking for a good role. The Six Feet Under star has worked in various famous TV projects like Dirty Sexy Money and Sports Night.

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The Catch is a thriller drama which centers on Alice, a successful fraud investigator, played by Mireille Enos."I've also been really protective of it, because it's important that you can buy us as brother and sister on the show."Their idea of keeping the affair low profile did work for a while as the fans were totally in the shadow about their brewing romance.But the love between these two is blooming and its effect is also being seen on Krause’s career as it is climbing the height of success.She earned her actor's equity card in 1988 after two years in summer stock at the Barn Theatre in Augusta, Michigan.Graham graduated from Barnard College in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.Krause plays the role of a successful conman who lives the good life with other people’s money.

Despite being an accomplished fraud , he finds his match in Alice who as mentioned above is a successful fraud investigator.

As these on-screen brother and sister, romance in real life as lovers, their love has probably brought luck in Krause’s life as this Parenthood veteran has been signed on to replace NCIS’s Damon Dayoub in new ABC pilot The Catch.

The actor aged 49 who is well known for his role as Adam Braverman on NBC hit series “Parenthood”, is being cast as the male lead opposite Mireille Enos in Shonda Rhimes latest ABC drama.

The story revolves around Alice who becomes a victim of fraud by her fiancé Kieran, played by Krause.

Between her cases, she is determined to find him before it ruins her career.

The star is father to an 11-year-old son named Roman from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Christine King.

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