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Our core mission is to protect and serve the people who work, live and raise their families in Middlesex County.Assistant District Attorneys, Victim Witness Advocates, Paralegals and other talented professionals pursue this mission through exhaustive investigations, unassailable prosecutions and compassionate victim advocacy.

Our core principles are: Responsibilities: Entry Level Legal Work: Assist with incoming and outgoing mail distribution; Faxing; Scanning; Maintain complex filing system; E-filing and hard filing of documents; Receptionist: Assist with front desk duties whenever the receptionist is out and assist in answering the phones throughout the day; Office Administration: Help restock break room areas and maintain office appearance; Set up conference rooms; Candidate Qualities: College degree required; Capable of working in a fast-paced environment; Great on the phone; Excellent written and verbal skills; Ability to think logically; Outgoing and looking forward to working as part of a team; Very organized, with high attention to detail; Reliable transportation; Trustworthy, exercising confidentiality in all situations; Dedication and willingness to assist with a variety of tasks; Proficient in Microsoft Office; Strong multi-tasking skills; Must be able to lift 25 lbs.; Great attitude; Previous work in a law firm a plus.

We don’t want to be affiliated with your unethical nonsense, nor do we want to ignore it for . It causes credibility and reputation concerns for ALL of us. STAND UP and say that you believe the behavior, comments, or advertisements may be unethical. But when several reputable paralegals begin to STAND UP, their voices ring loudly, in unison, all throughout the nation, and their message is not lost. Carry yourself in a dignified and respectful manner online. The reputation of every paralegal depends upon you being willing to take a stand. You, me and every paralegal strolling down the paralegal pathway needs to give a damn. But we will not sit silently or idly by any longer. We’ll greet you on the corner of every social media site and will call out your unethical and illegal behavior the next time we see it.

It’s not even a close call as to whether or not this type of thing is okay or acceptable for regular paralegals. What these types are doing is what UPL is, but I’ll spell it out a bit more clearly for that handful of pesky Rogue Paralegals among us who don’t seem to comprehend what that is: it’s UPL. When you, as a paralegal, do legal work without the supervision of an attorney for a member of the general public (do not hold a non-lawyer designation of some type, in a state where that is actually allowed) and there is no attorney involved in the work being performed for said client, even from twelve football fields away, that likely constitutes UPL.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office serves the largest county in New England, covering 54 diverse cities and towns.

We prosecute more than 39,000 cases a year in 12 district courts, 4 juvenile courts, and 2 superior courts.

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Position Title: Corporate Paralegal Date Posted: Feb 06, 2018 Expiration Date: Contact Email: [email protected] Description: Da Vita is currently looking for a Paralegal supporting our legal operations department.Because I am a paralegal, and so are the other 99%. (If the horse ain’t dead yet, give me a few more paragraphs and grab the spurs. The point is, these Rogue Paralegals are seeking out members of the general public as their own clients (without non-lawyer designations in the few states where those are allowed and in those limited capacity roles), without the interaction with or supervision of an attorney. I don’t care if they swear they just need a standard template that you happen to know as well as your first born child. Allow me to simplify my point with a short four question quiz: As a “paralegal” (not in the capacity of a LLLT, LDP, LDA): be conducting yourself under the Rogue Paralegal Model. We love who we are and what it is we do for a living. I also don’t care if you do that type of work all the time. (That just became a legitimate term, people, because I just made it one. That’s the RPM and pretty darn appropriate for those fast and slippery folks driving themselves into unethical territory and taking our reputations right along with them.) It is making me absolutely CRAZY that we aren’t circling the paralegal wagons and closing rank on these types of folks and doing what we can to alert all other paralegals, especially newbies, that this type of conduct is NOT okay, because, quite candidly, it’s not. Not just for the Rogue Paralegals and their “clients,” but for every paralegal. The next time you see this type of unethical conduct taking place online, especially on social media sites, take a stand. Be prepared to be proud enough of what you do as a paralegal to preserve the integrity of the profession and all it stands for (or in this case, against). Tagsarticle, attorney, bad, behavior, best, blog, chat room, conduct, ethical, ethics, firm, jamie collins, law, lawyer, learn, legal, notice, office, paralegal, report, rogue, see, social forum, top, unethical By: Jamie Collins For starters, I believe 99% of paralegals are ethical people, who do their jobs with integrity, and do it well. Hear me loud and clear when I say this: If you are a paralegal working in the United States of America, your work MUST be supervised by an attorney. If you are a LLLT, LDP or LDA working in the states of California, Arizona, or Washington, then perhaps you can do general data entry work for clients (yes, members of the general public) or assume other administrative roles, fill in pre-approved, standardized templates, or represent clients before specific governmental agencies in a limited capacity, as your non-lawyer legal designation allows (there may be a few more specific exceptions, but NOT many). But that appears to be exactly what they are doing.Many of us embrace the traditional attorney-paralegal work relationship for attorneys and firms. However, as an LLLT, LDP or LDA, you are doing this type of work in your capacity . You’ll see these folks advertising to members of the general public on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or elsewhere, and listing fees for their “paralegal” legal services to clients (as in non-lawyers) on their websites.Successful teammates in this role possess a high-level of multi-tasking and project management abilities, are very detail-oriented, have exceptional organizational and time management skills, have a "can do" attitude, are flexible and adaptable to change, are independent thinkers, and most of all, are strong team-players. Put simply, its more than just a job - it's a lifestyle.