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By the end of the sixties, and I’m guessing here, the vibe I’ve been describing was already beginning to change (guessing because I didn’t start going to the store until I was eleven or twelve, in ’71/’72), and I may have been blissfully unaware of the intense scrutiny the owners of these head shops were facing behind the scenes, or behind closed doors.I’m not sure I would have known about it at the time, but apparently from what I’ve learned since then, head shops weren’t always a peaceful oasis from the outside world, not for the store owners, as uniformed officers from the Anaheim police department dropped into Swinger’s on a semi-regular basis for no reason other than to hassle the employees and try to bust them for whatever charges they thought they could make stick.

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Ah, the first time you hear Black Sabbath — it’s something you never forget, isn’t it?And that’s just what he did, moving there with his girlfriend in the fall of 1966.His first store, however, which was located in South Miami, ended up being shut down by the cops, but he later found a more suitable vacant space in the Grove, and this time he played by their rules, obtaining a business license and making sure he didn’t give the civic authorities anything to worry about.I remember they had all kinds of wacky colorful posters on the walls of that little room, exploding with riotously bright purple and orange and yellow colors.I never bought any blacklight posters, though — didn’t have a blacklight or strobe light — but what I remember most were some of the other posters they sold, like the one of Frank Zappa sitting naked on a toilet, and I remember another one with those two outlaw bikers from , and I remember seeing a lot R. Excitedly looking at the posters was one of the first things I did when I’d enter the store, to see if they had any new ones since the last time I’d been there.The dusky vibe inside the store (they never seemed to have overhead lights on, as I recall) and the smoky smells both enhanced the experience of shopping there, or hanging out, and I’m sure the store probably reeked to high heaven, but it smelled to me like what I imagined a musky Moroccan-style bazaar or boutique might smell like, where there might be incense burning non-stop.

It began tickling the inside of my nose just as I walked through the door, sending a message to my brain that I was entering a very different place in the world, a very comfortable place where, in some kind of unspoken way, it meant I was expected to leave any personal issues and problems at the door so as not to send anyone else inside, especially those hippie employees, on some kind of bum trip.(season 1) The family supposedly moves from Logansport, Indiana to Indianapolis at the beginning of the series.However, the area where they are shown departing is clearly not "Logansport" which is a small city of roughly 20k located in the north-central portion of the state.It was neat to watch the character mature along with her daughters.However, like a lot of shows with children/teenagers, they had to come up with a way to keep things going after the kids had grown too old for the story lines.He became so successful running this head shop that he soon moved into concert promotion.