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Our sources say the singer will release a LIVE DVD of the same title on February 10th which will consist of footage from her run at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Beginning back on December 1, 2012, this will be her 105th and final "Still The One" show. As reported on February 1, 2013, the Shania Twain Centre closed its doors due to continued dwindling attendance and annual loss of revenue. Click HERE to read the 11/25/14 Shania Was Nick Jonas' First Celebrity Crush. I remember watching this concert DVD of her in Chicago, I think it was for like 120,000 people, I was just blown away by what an amazing performer she was and just the whole thing. I got to go see her in Las Vegas; she's still really awesome. From @Shania Twain: pm ET: - PIC 11/17/14 "Still The One" Vegas Interview To Air On Oprah Winfrey Network - November 30.

One thing that stuns me, though, is how fast they grow and learn. At those times when I am most frustrated and exhausted, he is always ready to step up and take control.

He is very good at keeping his cool when Mara and I are both in tears.

: Michelle puts her heart into everything that she does so I was excited to see her in this new role.

After some stumbling the first few weeks as we tried to figure out how to keep this little creature alive, I’m amazed at how quickly she eased in to motherhood.

The leg ran December 6-13, 2014 consisting of 6 shows / 2 sellouts.

12/15/14 Shania Takes One Final Bow After Two Successful Years Of Performing "Shania: Still The One".

Click HERE to read the KTNV-TV, Las Vegas article and watch a news report. As announced back in July, Shania's "Still The One" Las Vegas show will be released on DVD.

According to Amazon UK, the DVD will be released on February 9th. S., Canada and other countries has not yet been announced but it should be on or around the same day.

Mara was born in April 2011, and just a few months later, Michelle was back on set taping the show’s fifth season.: I made a point to approach the process with an open mind.

I haven’t had much exposure to small children so everything is new to me.

- PIC 12/21/14 "Shania: Still The One" DVD - UK & U. That date has now been pushed back to March 2 according to Amazon UK.

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