Online kenyan mobile adult dating

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Online kenyan mobile adult dating

Our hope is to give our kids an opportunity to learn on a device like the Worldreader E-reader.

CRF started an orphan sponsorship program in 2007 with 35 orphans.Location: Huruma and Githogoro Settlements, Nairobi, Kenya Sponsoring Organization: African Leadership, Inc.Launch Date: February 1st, 2013 Students and teachers: 11 teachers, 160 students Number of devices: 60 Wi-Fi Kindles Students’ grade level: Secondary Types of books: Textbooks, storybooks, and reference materials Deployment model: E-readers in a classroom set Do students take devices home: No The story: The New Dawn Educational Centre (NDEC) provides hope for the hopeless by serving students from the surrounding informal settlements of Huruma and Githogoro.Despite the program’s success, the girls still fell victim to the sad realities of living in Kibera; the program was a good start, but Abdul knew a more systematic change needed to have the impact he hoped for.A school, for instance, could bring about longer-term change.Robert Ouko Memorial Library Do students take devices home: No Location: Maai Mahiu, Kenya Sponsoring Organization: Kansas 2 Kenya and the Osborne Family (in memory of Gladys Marie & The Rev. Paul Osborne) Launch Date: Fall 2012 Students and teachers: Library serving 1,200 students Number of devices: 137 3G Kindle devices Students’ grade level: Primary through Secondary Types of books: Textbooks, storybooks, religious books, and reference materials Deployment model: E-readers in a library/learning center Do students take devices home: No The story: On the edge of a highway that runs outside of Nairobi lies a town challenged by unpredictable weather patterns; farming and harvesting are chief among many of the challenges this town faces.

With little opportunity for work and income, most women have resorted to the sex trade for survival, in turn leaving a town high in HIV, death and orphans.We hope to equip them with not only the knowledge contained in the E-readers, but to also develop a comfort level in approaching new technology as they further their education.Location: Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya Sponsoring Organization: Private donor Launch Date: March 2013 Approximate number of students and teachers: 130 students, 20 teachers Number of devices: 100 3G Kindles Students’ grade level: Secondary, Form 1-4 Types of books: Textbooks, storybooks, and reference materials Deployment model: E-readers in a classroom set Students take devices home: Yes The Story: Growing up and living in Kibera, Abdul Kassim saw how women faced a disproportionate amount of challenges and extreme gender inequalities in the slums and decided to start a soccer team for girls called Girls’ Soccer in Kibera in 2002.The program has grown to over 300 children in 8 different centers located around Eldoret.Over the past 5 years, we have started 5 primary schools, but were missing a high quality secondary school for our older children. The vast majority of our children are not exposed to computers and other technology until post-secondary school.The school began as an outreach to provide an alternative for those who were dropping out of school by the time they finished primary school at the end of Standard 8 due to a lack of affordable and accessible secondary schooling close to the neighborhoods where they lived.

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