Online dating risks dangers

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It’s almost too easy: whether you’re gay, straight, or transgender; a middle-aged divorcee or sophomore in college, have a preference for brunettes or cue-balled Sinead O’Conner lookalikes, you can find exactly what you’re looking for by browsing through scores of potential candidates with the mere swipe of the thumb. Unfortunately, the use of online dating apps is by no means safe, or predictable.It’s no longer necessary to post up next to a cute girl at the bar, banking on your best pickup line, or skillfully interpreting subtle body language and conversational cues in order to determine if someone is interested or not. The risks and potential dangers inherent to these apps are very real and not to be taken lightly.

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The goal of the criminal would be to form a relationship between the “avatar” and the potential victim.In some cases, criminals don’t even bother creating fake accounts.They simply create accounts for themselves and follow the same guidelines (in most cases, the fraudsters themselves come from poor countries, so they fit that story as well).Unsurprisingly, Nevada’s high rates of STD infection and violent crime push it down to #46.So if you live in any of the dangerous areas for online dating, exercise caution. Residents in the safer states, you can breathe a little easier, but it never hurts to be a little extra careful.At the bottom of the list is Missouri, owing to a whoppingly high risk of identity theft.

Two southern states, Florida and Louisiana are at #49, and #48, respectively.

The relationship would be exclusively online and – extremely important – long distance.

Usually, the fraudster behind the fake “avatar” would claim that they come from a poor family.

However, as in everything on the internet, online dating is not without its risks – and the dangers of online dating don’t come in the form of just meeting up a psychopath for a date (or worse, end up marrying them).

In romance scams, fraudsters create fake accounts, or “avatars”.

The use of online dating services and mobile hookup apps is so commonplace and socially accepted these days that it’s hard to remember that merely decade ago, using a service like Ok Cupid or carried a heavy social stigma.