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ICDA relies on identifying most susceptible locations along the pipeline and inspecting these locations.

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Current challenges The primary assumption of most gas pipeline operators is that internal corrosion does not exist in their pipelines.

Furthermore, the actual areas that are affected by corrosion in dry gas pipelines are small compared to the lengths of pipeline transporting gas, making it difficult to locate and mitigate corrosion.

Using ICDA techniques provides the operator with tools to focus inspection resources where they are needed and help make integrity assessments on the entire pipeline.

Indirect Inspection: Includes the use of appropriate modeling tools and techniques for prediction and prioritization of overall corrosion severity at different locations (assessment sites) along a pipeline segment to undergo detailed examination.

Direct Examination: Includes performing actions for detailed examination of assessment sites prioritized to have the highest corrosion severity identified in the Indirect Inspection step.

Other operating characteristics of the pipeline, such as in-situ p H, acid gas content, pressure and temperature also have a significant impact on the magnitude of corrosion.

Even though the presence of liquid water provides a necessary medium for corrosion to occur, the actual parametric conditions, flow dynamics and composition of the transmitted gas affect the extent of corrosion.Detailed examination of the internal surface of a pipe involves nondestructive examination (NDE) methods sufficient to identify and characterize corrosion rates and wall losses.Post-Assessment: Covers analyses of data collected from the previous three steps to assess the effectiveness of the ICDA process, determine reassessment intervals and establish corrosion control strategies.The incremental value of correctly characterizing the flow simulation significantly outweighs the value of high-precision electronic elevation modeling or GPS surveys5.The selection of an advanced flow and corrosion prediction model forms a key component in the completion of a successful ICDA program.The ability to classify sub-regimes based on changes in flow regime is a critical aspect of facilitating a successful WG-ICDA program.

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