Objectives accomadating instruction for individual

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They are designed to help academic librarians identify and target particular information literacy instructional outcomes.

Thus the instructing librarian may use this document for guidance in developing enabling objectives for an individual teaching session, or for a course, or when collaborating with a course instructor to incorporate information literacy instruction into a specific course.

This document uses the generic term "librarian" because of different situations regarding faculty status for librarians.

The Competency Standards are designed to be used in discussions with administrators and academic departments; they suggest institutional goals or performance outcomes.

The IS Objectives provide terminal objectives, those that "break down the overall objectives [the Competency Standards' ' Outcomes'] into specific discrete measurable results." According to The Cyclopedic Education Dictionary, outcomes are "the results or the expected results of an educational plan or program." The same source defines an objective as, "In education, a specific purpose or goal to be reached/learned by the student." These definitions indicate the relationship between the Competency Standards and the IS Objectives.

For example, one or two objectives may be employed in a 50-minute "one-shot" class and a related assignment.

A librarian working with an instructor to develop a course that infuses information literacy instruction into its content may select several objectives.The Program provides independent, individual, and group instruction through point-of-use, course-integrated, web-based, and workshop sessions.In 1997 the Instruction Section of ACRL created a Task Force to review the 1987 Model Statement of Objectives for Academic Bibliographic Instruction.That is, Standard One, Performance Indicator 1, Outcome c, is numbered 1.1.c., and followed by objectives written for that Outcome.(The Web version of the Competency Standards uses a slightly different numbering system, i.e., Outcome c is Outcome 3.) The Competency Standards are the basis for the IS Objectives and it is recommended that the two documents be used together.As such, they offer a variety of possible objectives from which to choose.

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