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The Great Depression caused many photographers to consider the camera as an instrument of social change.Foremost among this group was Berkeley photographer Dorothea Lange, whose intimate pictures of people in distress were driven by a deep personal empathy.

In this way, the region contributed a significant new voice of painterly experimentation and zeal to the art of the times.In 1998 the Museum received the archive of Berkeley photographer Helen Nestor.Containing more than 2,000 prints and 20,000 negatives, the collection highlights Northern California’s counterculture of the 1960s and '70s.More at OMCA Collections Online Once the intense excitement of the Gold Rush calmed, Californians turned their gaze to the natural beauty of the environment.East Coast and European painters like Albert Bierstadt and William Keith, and California’s first African-American artist, Grafton Tyler Brown, conveyed a sense of the sublime in the newly discovered wonders of Yosemite.Curators and researchers from around the world visit the Museum to access the Lange collection.

More at OMCA Collections Online The art of Arthur and Lucia Mathews brought the spirit of the Arts and Crafts to Northern California.

A NIMBLE WAY TO EXPERIENCE ARTView art your way: Move a chair in front of your favorite artwork and sit as long as you like.

Expect the unexpected: With four regularly changing exhibition spaces, the Gallery offers dynamic experiences that evolve with your input.

Photography collections include Dorothea Lange's personal archive of approximately 25,000 negatives and over 10,000 prints dating from 1919 to 1965, as well as contact sheets, manuscripts, journals, correspondence, and field notes.

Other large photographic collections include the Roger Sturtevant Collection, Joanne Leonard and Helen Nester Collections, along with a vast collection of significant California photographers.

Nestor’s photographs of the Free Speech Movement at U. Berkeley are among the most familiar images of that turbulent era.

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