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They may take the time to compromise a business email account and read the contents to make their own messages look authentic.

The volume of these business email scam reports has increased over the last 18 months with three different common formats becoming known as ‘Business Email Compromise’ (BEC).

A determined attacker may also attempt to identify staff by phone, asking to speak with an individual or attempting to confirm name, email address or sometimes job title claiming that they are working for an IT support business or another well known company.

When asked what the purpose is, they won’t give any information such as their own phone number, name or where they are ringing from.

Other criteria that the judges may take into account include the nominee’s track record of:- Increasing New Zealand’s global connectedness through the exchange of information, knowledge, skills or access to networks.- Being a role model, exhibiting personal qualities that New Zealanders revere.- Promoting New Zealand and New Zealand’s values internationally, creating a positive international image and reputation for the nation.

Nominations are managed with a high degree of confidentially.

In some cases, cybercriminals may target an organisation and look for information that identifies accounts staff and business executives, perhaps on a public website.

They may send messages pretending to be a manager and demanding an urgent payment be sent whilst they are overseas or requesting a transaction be kept confidential.

Tan Sri Halim has espoused a vision for cooperation between New Zealand and Malaysia with the view to opening significant new markets for agriculture and food.

In 2012, he brought Malaysia’s Halal Industry Development Corporation to New Zealand to advocate combining New Zealand agricultural expertise with funds from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to grow food in third world countries.

Typically this will be indicated by a sustained history of achievement at the highest level, demonstrating qualities such as imagination and creativity, innovativeness and ingenuity, tenacity and determination to succeed against all odds.

Merely being successful in their chosen career is not a sufficient qualification; the nominee’s life’s work should be world-leading and, at least potentially, world-changing too.

In 2012, Sir Peter was honoured with New Zealand's highest civilian honour, being inducted as a Member of the Order of New Zealand.