Narcissistic behavior dating

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They can be hell to live with, they can destroy your confidence and they can make you feel utterly worthless.

It also means being able to feel emotionally connected to that person when they are not physically around you.

Narcissists’ relationships tend to happen in three phases: over-evaluation, devaluation and discard.

The first phase is when they choose a partner based on that person being exceptional in some way (attractive, popular, rich, talented), and turn their charm up to eleven.

Nobody likes criticism, of course, but narcissists can go nuclear at the slightest hint of it – which is ironic, because they’re quick enough to dish it out to others.

Their response to even minor criticism is usually to fight, or to go completely cold.

Narcissists believe they’re truly special, better than those around them.

They’re better looking, smarter, more talented – you get the idea.

However, then they start breaking down your spirit with their abusive, gaslighting behaviour, then discard you suddenly and brutally.

People who have been in narcissistic, abusive relationships often describe their partner as having a "Jeckyll and Hyde" behaviour — one moment they are acting like everything is perfect and you are the love of their life, but something switches and a monster appears in front of you who is angry, cruel, and threatening.

Narcissists live for other people’s attention, and that means they tend to be crowd-pleasers – in public, at least.

They’ll present whatever personality they think will get them what they want, and if they decide that you’re no longer useful to them, they’ll suddenly appear to be a completely different person from the one you thought you knew.

Narcissists lack empathy: as long as their own needs are being met, they’re not bothered about anybody else. Narcissists have learnt to be charmers, and they’ll use that charm ruthlessly.

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