Msiexec not updating registry on winxp

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the result total reinsatall of XP pro along with the long long reinstall of all updates. I also had the problem of Windows XP Installer coming up on restart and asking for the file "fax.msi" on both my PC's. Problem started with Iolo System Mechanic 8.0; specifically the Registry Cleaners/Defragmenters. I still use System Mechanic 8.0 on both PC's, but not the registry tools.I emailed Reg Mech under my subscription for help but they did not even respond to any messages. Leo's suggestion of Windows Installer Cleanup Utility aka."mscicuu2.exe" doesn't even run as his screen prints show. Leo's suggestion did not work in my case, yours may be different.

I used it for a long time till it became the cause of the dreaded blue screen. Take out your registry "cleaner" and reinstall your HP printer software and don't use registry cleanup/ defrag software.When you run the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility, it presents a list - typically a long list - of items known to the Microsoft Installer: These are all various components that the Windows Installer service knows about. In your case, we'll scan the list looking for something that appears to be FAX related, and something that matches any additional clues you might be seeing from the Microsoft Installer messages on your reboot. Now reboot, and see if that didn't make the problem go away. Thank you so much, Joseph, New Hampshire I had the problem exactly as described in the beginning of this article. I immediately found an entry for "Fax" in the utility window. I have tried installing and uninstalling Registry Mechanic several times.For example if it's HP Fax software that the installer is looking for, then look for HP Fax related software in the cleanup utility. In many cases if you've selected the correct item it will. I get the Windows Installer popping up all over the place when I start a program. Some articles say that software will have to be reinstalled if you use this program, this article says, "It does not actually install, or uninstall, any software." I don't know who to believe and I don't want to start guessing and have to reinstall all of my programs if I use the cleanup utility.On my 2004 HPa430n (Win XP SP2), "Windows Installer" launches at start up, trying to install a Fax.When it can find the installation file it wants, the next window requests you insert the Fax disk in the CD drive. When you click Browse the filename box contains "fax.msi". I had a very similar problem - whenever I tried to scan something, upon completion, Windows Installer would run attempting to install some additional HP software component.I find HP printer software to be insidious, a disease, cancer to computers.

I had a 5700 loaded at first but then I got rid of that printer and installed a simple 1500.I run Windows XP Home and this problem started when someone stupidly installed Service pack 3.Not only did this damage my Office 2000 Pro but also initiated this Windows Installer nightmare!In Task Manager "End Task" the task named Fax, the installer is killed (Owner) until the next time you boot or re-boot. Ad-aware, Reg Cure, Xoftspy and e Trust haven't helped. Cancelling that worked ok, but it was an annoyance I had to face with every scan.And it's an annoyance many people face with every reboot.I have installed Photoshop Elements 10 without a problem.