Most intimidating movie characters

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He is also the man who invented the Kamehameha, the franchise's most recognizable move and Goku’s signature technique.

He is a light hearted, silly character who can hand out a beating to any person who he thinks deserves to be punished.As a last ditch effort, he went back in time to try and save the world, and he did.Not only did he kill Mecha-Frieza, but Future Trunks was instrumental in saving Goku’s life, and warning the world of the evil Androids that would soon awaken.We saw many new attacks, transformations and even character growth during the Buu Saga, all thanks to this hungry pink enemy. Gero, Cell is a creature who has near endless growth potential.What is most interesting about him though, is that he is willing to wait for characters to reach their full potential.However, he would eventually transform, and it was this Super Buu form that became a true force to be afraid of, and if that wasn’t enough, he would transform again, ultimately ending up as Kid Buu.

This was his most pure and evil form, and it took everything Goku and Vegeta had to kill him, and even then it wasn’t enough.

However, at this point, he is far more content to be on the side lines while Goku and the others save the Earth.

Maybe more than any other thing though, Roshi is most famous for his lewd sensibilities, and his constant attempts to catch the female characters of the series in revealing positions.

Of course the series is full of dozens of great heroes and villains, but we wanted to narrow it down to our 13 favorites, so lets begin!

The second son of Goku, Goten is the most like his father.

Through a twist of fate, Bardock learns that his entire race will soon be destroyed by Frieza, and in a vain attempt to save his people, he confronts the evil emperor.