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The goal of the initiative is to make browsing the web from mobile devices more reliable and accessible.

The shift to mobile web access has accelerated since 2007 with the rise of larger multitouch smartphones, and since 2010 with the rise of multitouch tablet computers.Additionally, the same 2017 VNI report forecasts that average access speeds will increase by roughly 3 times from 6.8 Mbit/s to 20 Mbit/s in that same time span with video comprising the bulk of the traffic (78%).The distinction between mobile web applications and native applications is anticipated to become increasingly blurred, as mobile browsers gain direct access to the hardware of mobile devices (including accelerometers and GPS chips), and the speed and abilities of browser-based applications improve.Mit einer Eberspächer Dieselheizung für Wohnmobile können Sie Ihre Reiselust 12 Monate im Jahr ausleben. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Vorteile einer Standheizung.Mobile web access today still suffers from interoperability and usability problems.

Interoperability issues stem from the platform fragmentation of mobile devices, mobile operating systems, and browsers.Standards improve the interoperability, usability, and accessibility of mobile web usage.The Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) was set up by the W3C to develop the best practices and technologies relevant to the mobile web.Wi-Fi and other better methods are commonly available for users not on the move.Cellular base stations are more expensive to provide than a wireless base station that connects directly to an internet service provider, rather than through the telephone system.Faster speeds, smaller, feature-rich devices, and a multitude of applications continue to drive explosive growth for mobile internet traffic.

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