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There's something so wonderfully, brilliantly British about everything she did, even the way she stood. That's something people often talk about doing, but they actually did it, and it's there and it's real.

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Miquita: "I'm really looking forward to Professor Green. He's flying in from Wireless just to be here for us."Jameela: "On a chopper?!

"Miquita: "One of the best things is knowing that we get to do it every year, I always get such a rush from it."Jameela: "Last year was my first one, and before that I'd been presenting for only three months.

Looking back I'm surprised they had that much faith in me!

"What advice would you give to a first-timer at the beach? The good thing about it is there is no unwholesome element to the day, it's all about the fun."Jameela: "I brought some friends with me last year who weren't into pop music and I had to literally wrestle them off the beach by the end."The event is into its eighth year now. Jameela: "I think it has something to do with our ridiculously good lineups!

And it's all pretty much on one stage, so you don't spend half an hour walking from one field to another."Miquita: "Not everyone can deal with four days at Glastonbury!

I remember when I was a kid, there was only the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, and then me and Steve hosted it, and then it ended.

So it's great to host the equivalent for pop-lovers today."Steve: "Oh yes, we well and truly sunk that ship!

When I was 15 I went to live with my aunt and uncle instead of my mum, for money reasons. Anyone who sneaks into people's homes and causes harm to them.

I'd have better, more effortless hair: my call-time at work would be very different if I had. I have a lot of anxiety at the moment, about a lot of things: my career, failure – everything and anything.

I hold a deep affection for that area and go back regularly.

It was a huge shock to my system, suddenly living with six people rather than one. I have a real fear of that and as a result, I am a total wimp when it comes to being alone in the house at night-time.

is the same thing that I saw when I was six years old.

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