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I don’t think he believes me and is insulted that one of them admitted she and her fiancée thought it inappropriate to meet for a first-time interview anywhere other than the employer’s office. I mean, for the record, an awful lot of people wouldn’t be thrilled to do an interview at a steakhouse, from vegetarians to people who just don’t want to have to worry about eating while they’re trying to have their first interview with someone …but it’s not something that’s normally considered inappropriate, especially not in the way that it sounds like your candidate meant.

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Now that you’re marrying her, she should be grateful, but she’s not.He said that I was not screening them thoroughly (not so).I told him that we should meet them together at a coffee shop instead of for a more formal lunch setting. A lunch interview at a restaurant isn’t outside standard business norms — it happens all the time — so I wonder if there’s something else going on here.The short time horizon thinking and avoidance of easy prescience are the thermal exhaust ports of many a beta schlub too desperate for love to project the catalyst of their ardor a few years forward. Ten years of almost famous sex in exchange for surrendering your natural male prerogative for poosy variety beats two years of reunion tour sex at the same exorbitant price.There’s another, subtle, reason to refuse the wedded diss of marrying the over-30 woman.Give me ten divisions of men like that and…well, not exactly sure what I could do. “It’s over almost before it began.” The shining shiv delivered. Yeah, you’ll enjoy a few bumpy rides sitting in that steal, but it won’t be long before the tailpipe falls off somewhere on Route Big Mistake and the heater blows ice queen air.

The over-30 woman can fix herself up enough to fool the prospective provider hubby for a short while, and once the line that is dotted is signed the ruse will be discarded. This way, you get to enjoy five to ten more years of your wife’s prime nubility before her petals start floating to the ground.A lunch interview at a restaurant isn’t outside of professional norms, but if candidates are already picking up on other signs of boundary issues, it’s possible this is the clincher for them.More important than any of this, though, is that it doesn’t matter what I think if all or most of your good candidates feel differently.If he won’t, I’d try to get him to nail down why he’s so wed to it. When you marry a 30 woman, you’re marrying her 30 cockas. As magically prehensile as your penis may be, she’ll never look up to it in cross-eyed awe like she did with her first cock when she was younger, hotter, tighter, and inexperienced. I have interviewed three great candidates, and they are happy about the opportunity—until the client says that he wants to interview them at a steak restaurant.

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