Meet and have sex without credit card

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Meet and have sex without credit card

Internet security experts believe the $3 trillion US healthcare industry is a ripe target for cyber criminals because many health care providers use older computers with inadequate tools to protect the confidential information.The data for sale includes names, birth dates, policy numbers, diagnosis codes and billing information.

The percentage of healthcare organizations that have reported a criminal cyber attack has risen to 40 per cent in 2013 from 20 per cent in 2009, according to an annual survey by the Ponemon Institute think tank on data protection policy.

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Consumers sometimes discover their credentials have been stolen only after fraudsters use their personal medical ID to impersonate them and obtain health services.

When the unpaid bills are sent on to debt collectors, they track down the fraud victims and seek payment.

That makes medical data more valuable than credit cards, which tend to be quickly canceled by banks once fraud is detected.

Stolen health credentials can go for each, about 10 or 20 times the value of a US credit card number, according to Don Jackson, director of threat intelligence at Phish Labs, a cyber crime protection company.

Fraudsters use this data to create fake IDs to buy medical equipment or drugs that can be resold, or they combine a patient number with a false provider number and file made-up claims with insurers, according to experts who have investigated cyber attacks on healthcare organizations.

Medical identity theft is often not immediately identified by a patient or their provider, giving criminals years to milk such credentials.

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As a result, the total cost of cyber attacks on the healthcare system is difficult to pin down.

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