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She's on a couple of shows, and I had another friend who's been on CNN for a while, and both of them ended up not being able to do various gigs and they recommended me.You started your career at a newspaper in North Carolina, is that right? Because it was a small paper, I did pretty much everything: I laid stuff out and I reported, mostly sports and features, and then I got to do a little bit of opinion.

A couple of opinion pieces got picked up online by bigger Web sites, so I thought, maybe I could take a shot at that. The first one was a column in which I defended Rush Limbaugh for the Donovan Mc Nabb dustup.

A couple of months ago, Mary Katharine Ham started getting calls from producers at Fox News and Larry King Live, inviting her to represent the right-wing point of view on the air.

Ham, who grew up in Durham and now lives in the Washington, D.

I grew up in the Duke professor community, which, especially in my neighborhood, is overwhelmingly liberal.

If you go to certain parts of town, certainly things are different.

But my impression has always been that the conservatives, if they're in Durham, are certainly the silent minority. Our family was a bit more conservative than the folks in our neighborhood were, but we were never overtly politically conservative until later in the Clinton years. I grew up in public schools, largely minority public schools—I was always one of several white kids from the neighborhood.

And I just noticed in those settings that—and it took me a long time to figure out what was going on—that federal programs for fixing problems such as poverty and social ills and these kind of things were not working exactly the way they were supposed to.Armed citizens who know what they're doing with a firearm can be a great crime deterrent.Violence against women is a huge problem, and one I've been concerned about since the days of the Trinity Park rapist.I just take a different tack than liberals when it comes to deciding how to defend women.I occasionally collect news stories into columns about everyday women—grandmothers, moms, sisters—protecting themselves and their families with their guns. As far as other things that I'm passionate about, my father served in the military and both my grandfathers did, and that's always been something that we're very proud of.Her father, Jon Ham, the former managing editor of The Herald-Sun, is now a vice president at the conservative John Locke Foundation, where he writes a column for Carolina Journal.

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