Martin ukulele dating

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Martin ukulele dating

Please contact Kamaka Hawaii for further information and pricing.

A good ukulele should have excellent sound and be comfortable and easy to play.

It should also have good tone, intonation and resonance.

Tone is the overall quality of the sound when a note is plucked, and is a highly subjective criteria from individual to individual.

Our Retailers can assist you with any questions you may have about our instruments, including our Limited Warranty and serial number registration.

The demand for our instruments greatly exceeds the supply.

After purchasing koa lumber, Kamaka Hawaii naturally ages the wood for at least four years at the factory.

The natural aging of koa wood is a vital and time-consuming step of the ukulele making process at Kamaka Hawaii, and sets the highest standards in the ukulele industry.

The features available for "specials" include curly koa wood (Premium 3A and Premium Full Curl 4A), spruce top, rosette (maple, rosewood, koa, or shell), ebony fingerboard and bridge, inlaid fingerboard, "long neck", and pickups (passive or active).

Also considered Kamaka "specials" but not available at this time are binding (maple or rosewood) and purfling (shell).

Intonation is the accuracy of the notes along the fretboard.

Resonance is reflected by how round the sound of the ukulele is.

Kamaka Hawaii recommends two types of ukulele cases: hardshell and Protec.