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I was working at a humor magazine in college and working closely with the editor-in-chief Kevin Corrigan, who was a year ahead of me.He started at College Humor in 2007 when he graduated.

Axford and Murphy chatted with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith about their careers in comedy, their relationship, “Hot Date” and why their show is so easy to relate to.

BM: A lot of our guest stars are great in different ways.

Mena was so funny and we had Kevin Pollak, who plays our Dad in our second episode where Emily and I are twins.

He wanted to get into producing and they passed the script along to him and he really liked it.

Since then, he was a great guest star and he’s been great for giving us advice.

What’s it been like working with him on a professional and personal level? He was connected to Electus, which is Big Breakfast’s parent company.

Big Breakfast is the production studio that we work with on the show.

Like most people I had started internet dating out of loneliness.

I soon discovered, as most do, that it can only speed up the rate and increase the number of encounters with other single people, where each encounter is still a chance encounter.

When we’re shooting late nights, he is adorably grumpy.

DS: Will Arnett is an executive producer of the show.

Ax and Murph met years ago at College Humor, started dating and then got married.