Mandating higher fuel efficiencies

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Mandating higher fuel efficiencies - atlanta dating coach

By the final year, the Environmental Protection Agency expects new cars and light trucks sold in the US to average roughly 36 miles per gallon on the road, up from 25 mpg today.These rules are hardly an ideal climate policy, since they only apply to cars (not the millions of cars already on the road), and since they’ve been undercut by cheap oil and the growing popularity of SUVs.

Today, the average fuel economy of new vehicles is around 25.1 miles per gallon on the road, up from 20.8 mpg in 2007.Depending on what tweaks are ultimately made, this could increase US carbon emissions."I think every [automaker] that produces SUVs and pickups will benefit from a rollback," Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler, told reporters at the Geneva Motor Show. Technically, if the federal government goes too far in weakening Obama’s fuel economy standards, California has a waiver under the Clean Air Act allowing the state to maintain its own, stricter car rules that other states can adopt — a messy possibility that automakers hate.But the Department of Transportation hasn’t yet signed on, giving Trump an opening to revisit the rules.At an event with automakers in Michigan, Trump is announcing that he’ll tell the EPA to redo that midterm evaluation.On top of that, California has a waiver for a program pushing automakers to sell more “zero-emissions vehicles” (mainly electric cars).

New York and eight other states have also adopted this ZEV mandate, and it’s a major impetus for US electric car sales.

The transportation sector is the largest source of U. greenhouse gas emissions, recently surpassing the power sector.

Cars and light-duty trucks are responsible for about 61 percent of transportation emissions.

But it’s one of the few federal programs aimed at greening the US transportation sector, which accounts for one-third of carbon dioxide emissions.

And the car rules were a centerpiece of President Obama’s climate agenda, along with the Clean Power Plan (which Trump is planning to dismantle): So that brings us to today’s news.

As part of that deal, all entities agreed to conduct a midterm review by 2018, to see if the rules needed adjusting at all.

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