Managing cam chat site

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Managing cam chat site

Embeddable: embed a group chat into your layout to improve user engagement (PRO Plans) Private Chat: users can interact in private chat conversations Live Support: customize online/offline greeting messages.

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This is extremely useful to offer customer service to people all around the world.

The chat layout can also be customized using available themes or using a custom template override both for styles and chat images. Layout & Themes Various different themes (Blitzer, Flick, Le-frog, Smoothness, Ui-lightness) Compact or detailed list display Fully customizable CSS Monetize Advertisements (displayed on the main chat window) IM Ads (popup windows displayed on user login or on a set interval) Key Features Users can enable/disable the chat system Minimize chat windows and preserve position when navigating through the site Guests are allowed to chat (if enabled from backend) Online and Offline messages (users will receive offline messages when they log in) Changeable user status (available, busy, away, invisible) File transfers between users Friends list Ignore list (blocks messages from individual users) Group conversation Share message User avatars (own uploaded avatar or Community's Builder avatar if available) Customizable emoticons Sound notifications (received message, buzz, friend login) Message history Quick search for users Standards Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files SEO/SEF friendly Default integration with Joomla! and component Easy transition to RTL Simple installation, configuration and updating process Main Settings Manage permission settings for groups (frontend access, change nickname, change avatar, send files, etc.) Set the default status of the chat for registered users and guests Enable/disable if links from messages are transformed in html anchors Enable/disable advertisements and IM ads Add banned words which will be filtered on chat Refresh intervals (users list update, messages check, registered offline, etc.) Enable and set up throttles in order to avoid server overload Enable/disable notification sounds Set up Cron Jobs Modules & Plugins Chat module that toggles the online/offline status and the actual window User and system plugins 3rd Party Integrations Community Builder Love Factory Backend Management Emoticons management (custom emoticons can be added) Advertisements management Check messages history Requirements Joomla! Livezilla AJAX Status module is integration between Joomla and Livezilla Chat and displays the chat status (online/offline) and with ajax refresh every X seconds checks the status.

If status has changed then will refresh the status image without the visitor need to refresh!

(PRO Plans) Pop out chat windows: enjoy your conversations in external browser windows Customization: customize colors, layout and features Eye-catching Design: sleek, modern chat interface Responsive: the interface will switch to an App-like layout on mobile devices In-browser chat experience: browse your site and chat at the same time, resize or minimize chat windows when needed SSL: chat encryption for HTTPS/SSL based websites Chat Moderation: ignore and ban users, block IPs and control swearing in chat rooms Chat History: group and private chat history & transcripts Multilanguage: interface already available in 20 languages.

Side chat mode: add a site-wide global group chat to your site User list mode: add a site-wide chat list with users, friends, group chats and recent conversations Highly customizable user list: Show/hide guests, group chats and friends, a must have for your community!

No additional software is required, no complex set up, and you can start with 20 chats a month for free!

Reasons to love Live Support Chat - Always Free Plan - Fully customizable - Unlimited simultaneous chats - Unlimited agents on Premium Plans (no additional cost) - Email notifications and push notifications - No additional software required Come on - get started for free! Many Web sites are already using Rumble Talk group chat, Join NOW!All the most important insights are available at a glance: Current visited page and pageviews Keywords and Campaign data (utm source, campaign, medium, search terms...) Referrer Returning visitor Flyzoo is the perfect chat for your e-commerce. I need more time to test Flyzoo, can you extend my trial period? We'll be glad to extend your trial to help you get the most out of Flyzoo. Visit your website and locate the chat at the bottom of the page Click on MENU "Log in or Sign up" Enter the e-mail and password you used to join Flyzoo The main button will turn from "Leave a message" to "We are online". Yes, but you still need to provide your production url when you sign up, if you don't have one yet please contact us and we'll provide a "fake" temporary url.Languages Interface available in: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Finnish, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Persian (Farsi), Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese, Swedish, Czech, Serbian, Danish and Chinese. Live Chat Support for Joomla is simply the easiest and most effective live support chat solution in the market.Not simply a chat system but a fully functional messaging extension.Live chat visitors can place voice and video calls straight from your website with no additional hardware or software installations.The chat system is fully non-hosted, this means that you can reduce expensive costs due to providers that offer chat application running on their servers.

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