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I was full of fear.” When her son was two-and-a-half she learned of a state shelter, took the boy and fled. Every woman who arrives at Casa Ruth is given a copy of the Bible, or the Quran, depending on their beliefs.“They accepted my story but said they didn’t have a place,” she said. Sister Rita [Giaretta] said, ‘Bring her over here.’ When I arrived at Casa Ruth, there was another Nigerian girl in the car. She began Italian lessons, with an in-house support system for her son.

“The majority of prostitutes come from Edo State,” explained the Rev.

Of the EU countries, Italy has one of the most flexible programs to help migrants.

The second-largest prostitution group is from Romania, an EU country, which means that trafficked women with a passport can stay without a work permit. “When you rescue them,” said Bonetti, “they’ve lost their adolescence and it’s very difficult to fill that gap with love.” Criminal networks in Nigeria also use voodoo rituals to ensnare young females before sending them to Europe.

The nuns helped her in getting residential status from the state.

Today, she has her own apartment; her son is in school. But I’ve come to see that in life, things are possible.” The Nigeria-Naples connection In 2000, Consolata Missionary Sister Eugenia Bonetti, who had spent many years in Kenya, began organizing an office in Rome for women’s religious orders to counter human trafficking.

In that grim environment, she became pregnant in 2008 by a man she thought would rescue her.

“He wasn’t part of the system,” she said in a careful voice.Many Nigerians in Naples have animist beliefs in ancestral spirits melded with Christianity or Islam, according to Obia.The priest has on occasion laid out on a table the powders and liquids, used as juju in cult ceremonies and presented to him by distraught people.The Italian mobsters went to prison for the killings.A government investigation sent 36 Nigerians to long prison terms for drug smuggling, human trafficking and murder, according to press reports of the time. We had to fend for ourselves, and I had no way to further my education. I had responsibility for the younger ones.” Desperation and duplicity Her brother left seminary, and eventually entered a university.