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It probably gave Jamestown some additional influence to have the minister in residence, and he stayed there until his death in 1848.

It is not certain that it was actually called Milton to begin with.

There were a number of them based on the riverbank around the Fisherwood, but since they could be worked from either bank, many of the fishermen lived at Dalvait.

The hamlet straddled both sides of the Carrochan Burn as it entered the Leven.

When the Reverend William Mc Gregor took charge in 1809, he declined to live in the manse probably because it was in a pretty dilapidated state, and lived instead over 2 miles away in Jamestown.

He was a bit of an iconoclast both religiously and socially, and it is very unlikely that he cared much what his parishioners thought of this arrangement.

This is an indication that the centres of population in the 1770's, small as they were, were at the northern end of the valley.

The school was obviously one aspect of Jamestown's status at the time.For years Jamestown's boundaries have been defined as: the southern boundary is the Sandbank Burn, the northern boundary is the Carrochan Burn, to the west the boundary is the Leven, while to the east the boundary is not as well defined being an arc from the eastern end of the Inler along the Rickett Moss to Auchincarroch Road and down that Road to the former branch line to Dalmonach and along it to the Sandbank Burn.The village of Jamestown grew up around the junction of the southern road to Balloch Ferry or Boat, from the Dumbarton - Stirling road, or more accurately track, until it was built up into a military road around 1755.The first of these works to start was Milton, which opened in 1772 on the banks of the Leven as a bleach works.Todd & Shortridge, who had started Levenfield in 1768, directly across the Leven from Milton Works, owned it.These locations were called “shots” and were originally mainly held by churches.

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