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Looking for adult chat in chennai - That hot gratuit

he was now rubbing his hands on my choot from behind.“no mommu, you know how much I love you. o mother, you are the most beautiful of all women that I have seen and known.You pearl white skin and you large pinkish brown areolas are making me crazy.

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His hands were now rubbing my ass over the white cotton panty.“Shiva, Shiva! He just lapped his tongue there licking the sides of my milk jugs while his hands had reached over my choot (puss) and he was slightly pressing my pubes with the palm.Liability for any content contained in a post is the sole responsibility of the person(s) who submitted them and the tube sites from where the content has originated from. My name is pushpa and I am the mother of three children.I was feeling very tired and due to that my nipples had become erect somehow as I could feel them making small tents in my nigh tie.My son looked at me and asked me to sit besides him.I am normal Indian housewife and I belong to the middle class background. Though I am quite educated but I had to stay home to take care of my children.

I have two lovely fair skinned daughters and a handsome son. In fact I bore him when I was 21 so now when he is 17 I am just 38 years of age.

Then he leapt across and took me in his arms hugging me and pressing against me.

I thought he was getting emotional with his mommy but soon I realized it was something else. I got a tingling in my body as he did this is circular motion. no it can’t be, my own son, lusting after me and feeling me. I will show you my old used body but just touching, ok.

Then his hands caressed my velvety chootar (ass) and his finger went in my choot a little deep.

An electric current went in my body as my son touched his mother’s pussy for the first time. I was a woman blinded with lust and consumed in passion to think of anything else.

he used to call me mommu instead of mommy sometimes and I loved it.“go ahead my son. shipra has just taken your body but even her chuchies are not that soft and spongy.

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